MissImp's All-Female Workshop w/ Monica Gaga!

Malt Cross, Nottingham, NG1 6FG
Sun 15th September 2019

FLOW - Feel It, Love It, Own It, Work It!

Flow is a practical workshop designed to empower you to level up your improv so you Feel it, love it, own it and work it.

During the three hours you will look at: preparing, what you can do to put yourself in the mind/physical space for improv; checking in with yourself, to ensure throughout all is good with you; utilising blocks (you're in charge with what happens next), no mistakes just lessons, no blocks just gifts; and self-censorship, allowing you to do your type of improv without harming or holding back.

At the root of it improv is supposed to be fun (fun is of course defined differently for everyone) and this workshop will help you find the fun through it all. So you can feel it, love it, own it and work it.

Facilitator bio:

Monica is a British-born black African queer improviser, facilitator and host. She trained in Community Theatre at East 15 Acting School, and her boundless love for improv stems from time spent at Second City in Chicago.

Monica hosts the weekend shows at Hoopla Impro. She has taught workshops for The Nursery, DDG Improv, Hoopla Impro, Do The Right Scene, Theatretrain and RahRah Theatre Company. She also performs with The Hoopla Players, Do The Right Scene, Slice of Society and DuckDuckTales. As seen or heard on BBC Radio London, London Live, Improv London Podcast, Dead Drunk Detective and It Dies Here.

When she is not performing, hosting or teaching, Monica is championing diversity in improv and trying to get as many people involved as possible. As a member of London’s premier BAME improv team Do The Right Scene (formerly Nu Z Land). She is part of the team who host a monthly night at Hoopla Impro, with an improv workshop before the show to encourage and give more POC the opportunity to get involved in improv.

Alongside this she created and oversees the 'BAME Improv Collective' Facebook group, which is a space for improvisers and potential improvisers who identify as BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) to share opportunities, seek support and promote their work.

If that isn't enough Monica is part of the team who run 'Duck Duck Goose’, a free weekly improv jam in Brixton that gives both new and experienced improvisers a place to perform, socialise and grow. As part of the teaching team at DDG Monica delivers the 'DDG Improv: Play the BAME Game!' wokeshop.

This is the fifth all-female improv workshop put on by MissImp!

These workshops led by some of the most exciting female improvisers from our Nottingham community and beyond, and will focus on a specific area of improvisation unique to them!

Improv is the art of making up theatre and comedy on the spot, without any scripts or pre-planning. This workshop is for any female-identifying or non-binary individuals who feel they would benefit from or like to experience an all-female classroom environment. This is a safe space to try out new skills and support other women within our improv community!

Please note: Our definition of 'women' and 'female' is inclusive, and we welcome trans women, genderqueer women, and non-binary people.

We are always looking to encourage people to take on teaching roles within our community – if you would be interested in taking one (or part of) these workshops, please email contact@missimp.co.uk.

The graphic for this workshop was created by Hélène Dollie!

Please be aware that there is strictly no refunds for this event and that it is the ticket holders responsibility to resell the ticket if they are unable to attend.
TICKETS: £7 / £5
DATE: Sunday 15th of September
TIME: 13:00 - 16:00
LOCATION: The Malt Cross

This workshop is brought to you by MissImp, Nottingham's longest running improvised theatre company.

Praise for MissImp:
“A strong, professional, highly skilled and thoroughly entertaining performance.”
– Behind the Arras
”High on imagination, performance and delivery.”
– Weekend Notes
“Laughter levels were cranked up to full wattage, which spiralled into utter hilarity.”
– Feva
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