Did you Used to be R.D. Laing? (Crathes)

Crathes Hall, nr Banchory, ab31 5JE
Fri 22nd February 2019
‘Did You Used to be R.D.Laing’  - the story of the controversial Scottish psychiatrist who rose to fame spectacularly in the 60s, denounced normality for being mad, opened safe houses where schizophrenics could voyage safely through their madness, retreated to India to meditate, and disappeared with the 70's. Told by Mike Maran with a piano jazz score by David Milligan performed by Alan Benzie.
Awarded a Herald Angel for its ‘outstanding contribution to the Edinburgh Festival.’
‘Beautifully crafted. I loved it.’  The Scotsman.
Winner of a Herald Angel at The Edinburgh Fringe for its outstanding contribution to the Edinburgh Festival
A play by written and performed by Mike Maran exploring the legacy of Scottish psychiatrist, R.D.Laing with a jazz piano score based on the music of Bill Evans, Chick Corea, Keith Jarrett, and Chopin performed by David Milligan.
R.D.Laing said it was mad to be normal and normal to be mad, he opened safe houses where schizophrenics could voyage safely through their distress, and then retreated to India.
R.D.Laing was outraged by the current theory and practice of psychiatric medicine in the sixties and fought for the human rights and civil liberties of people who were mentally ill.  Some psychiatrists believe their profession is still trying to recover from the damage he caused. Others believe he developed a new and humane psychiatry. People loved him or hated him.  Quintessentially Scottish, he preached, fought, drank, and suffered more than was good for him but was always a hugely sympathetic companion to those in distress.
Love him or hate him –you’d be crazy to miss this award winning show.

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