Hermon Folk: The Often Herd - La Roche Bluegrass Festival Winners 2018

This month Hermon Folk presents with The Often Herd one of Newcastle Upon Tyne’s most exciting new cross-over bands who released their self-titled debut album in spring 2018 and promptly won 1st Prize in the La Roche Bluegrass Festival’s European Band Contest! Flock to the herd – you won’t be disappointed!

‘There’s plenty here for both lovers of traditional bluegrass and those with slightly more eclectic tastes. This accomplished collection showcases the growing maturity and versatility of an excellent British band which can range with ease across the boundaries of bluegrass, folk and acoustic roots.’
- British Bluegrass News
‘It’s fabulous, really exciting to listen to. Tight, virtuosic and the kind of thing you just know would be even better live!’ - Sam Sweeney of Bellowhead/Leveret
‘Traditional, inventive, tight and sharp; for those who think they don’t like bluegrass this could be the point they change their minds.’ – FolkWords

The Often Herd certainly reaches well beyond what is expected of a bluegrass band, marrying the wistful sunshine harmonies of Southern California with the striking industrial allure of their home in the North East of England. An engaging and dynamic live act, the band’s intricately arranged material seamlessly blends with moments of exciting and spontaneous improvisation, always keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. Guitarist Rupert Hughes and Evan Davies, the band’s mandolin player, are jointly responsible for penning the band’s vibrant and catchy original music. American fiddler Niles Krieger and jazz bassist Sam Quintana contribute deft and dynamic instrumental skills that lift the songs to breath-taking heights.

’’We don’t try to write bluegrass songs’’, states Hughes bluntly. ’’We just write what comes naturally to us and arrange it using the textures we have at our disposal. Our influences stretch far and wide and that really shows when we convert non-bluegrass audiences to our music. The EP was recorded live in the studio and really represents the sound we crafted together on the road.’’

The Often Herd, a band that invites many influences from folk/bluegrass/roots to jazz and pop to shape their music - join us for this uplifting evening full of liveliness!

The first 30 ADV-tickets are on offer at the Early Bird price of £10 - you better be quick!!

Rupert Hughes - guitar/vocals
Evan Davies - mandolin/vocals
Niles Krieger - fiddle/vocals
Sam Quintana - double bass

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