PUMPKINTOWN by TIM ERIKSEN & SUSAN BREAREY - Stories, Music & Magic Lantern Projections

Hermon Chapel Arts Centre, Oswestry, SY11 1LF
Sun 28th July 2019
This spellbinding show of tales features Grammy-nominated ethnomusicologist and punk-folk pioneer Tim Eriksen on an abundance of musical instruments alongside Susan Brearey’s soulful artworks brought to live by 18th Century technology reincarnated in form of magic lantern projections. A unique collaboration of two established US artists who draw the audience with greatest ease into a multifaceted world of unlimited imagination.

“Apart from being the coolest-looking man in folk song, Eriksen is an uncompromising performer, ethnomusicologist, Sacred Harp singing master, musical adventurer and punk-folk pioneer, who seems to play every instrument under the sun and has shared a stage with both Kurt Cobain and Doc Watson.”
- The Guardian, UK

“Eriksen connects the present and the ancient with an immediacy
that will make your bones tremble."
 - Pulse of the Twin Cities, Minnesota

"This is a place on the edges of the forest, the edges of the imagination. We stare back at these images and enter that realm captivated by their invitation - like readers of a fairy tale who enter a magical kingdom." 
- Ann McCoy, Yale University

“One of the best singers in music.” - T Bone Burnett, Composer (e.g. film scores for Brother Where Art Thou & Cold Mountain) 

A mysterious old trunk found in a Yankee attic, full of leather-bound tune books, letters, musical instruments, 8 track tapes, a handwritten sheaf of ballads and even an old magic lantern: an ancient projector, with a box of painted glass slides. Musician Tim Eriksen and painter Susan Brearey take you to Pumpkintown, unlocking the mysteries of the trunk and the curious multicultural history of the village itself.
Pumpkintown offers Americana through the looking glass, where the village is imaginary but the music is real - revealing an America that has never been simply black and white but evidences a deep-seated diversity. Be immersed in the sounds of a place that is at once imagined and deeply true: shape-note harmony by the first published Native American composer, fiery Scottish fiddle tunes, apocalyptic Afro-Celtic gospel, traditional and original songs of war, the sea, traveling, tragedy and love, that tie it all together.

- Professor in Ethnomusicology
Punk-Folk Pioneer (fronting bands Cordelia’s Dad, Northampton Harmony, Žabe i Babe)
- shared stage with Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain, Doc Watson

- collaborated with Eliza Carthy, Afro-Cuban Jazz pianist Omar Sosa, ‘Queen of Romani  Music & Dance’ Esma Redžepova and many more
- played venues like CBGB (punk mecca), Carnegie Hall, Blue Note Jazz Club (with O. Sosa)
- worked with producers & engineers, e.g. Joe Boyd, T-Bone Burnett & Steve Albini



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