Clowning in Burlesque - with Pi the Mime

Burlesque. Most people these days envisage showgirls and diamonds, but the origins of Burlesque are in La Burla, a form of clowning. An art form all about audience connection, seizing the moment and being committed to the act, it is clear to see why clowning and burlesque go hand in hand so well, and how one provides an invaluable tool belt for the other to thrive. Whether you are a character comedian or a serious showgirl, clowning will give you tools to better communicate with those watching and find a new joy in your act EVERY TIME YOU DO IT.

International, award winning clown, Pi the Mime, brings this workshop to clowns of all levels to help stretch and train those funny muscles, and the serious ones too! You'd be an idiot to miss this, and not the good kind, as Pi teaches a practical and reflective workshop on connecting with yourself, your act and your audience to propel you to the next level of ridiculously fabulous.

Venue: Main Downstairs Hall East Oxford Community Centre
The room is fully accessible
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Clowning in Burlesque - with Pi the Mime East Oxford Community Centre