Rubyyy Jones - Chair Dance!

Rose Hill Community Centre, Oxford, OX4 4HF
Sat 25th May 2019
This is a 90 minute introductory workshop in the techniques, possibilities and art of dance with a chair. This masterclass will be sweaty fun that includes: chair specific warm up, exploring poses and form for chair dance, then finishing with a scrumptious chair dance to put it all together!

This class will be hard work! You will learns lots! And have lots of fun! And be pushed in a playful way! And probablyyy surprise yourself at just how brilliant you are!

Please bring clothes you can move and sweat in, shoe options if you want, a notebook and pen, water, a layer for cool down and feel free to 'dress up' as much as you want. This will be a sexual afternoon and if that's sweats for you, cool, and if that is a full body harness look for you, cool too!

If you are also participating in Rubyyy's Dance for Not Dancers workshop, use the discount code "RUBYYY" to bring the total price to £40 for both workshops. (NB Guest lists will be cross-referenced to validate purchases using the code)

Venue: Aaron Buron Youth Suite, Rose Hill Community Centre
The room is accessible via a lift
Google map static shot of Rose Hill Community Centre, Oxford, OX4 4HF
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