Rubyyy Jones - Dance For Not Dancers!

Rose Hill Community Centre, Oxford, OX4 4HF
Sat 25th May 2019
Non-expert expert in many things, Rubyyy Jones, brings you a fun, informative and confidence building workshop for those who use movement in their acts but have two left feet.

They say ‘fake it till you make it’ but you can’t fake something you don’t understand; this class teaches you several principals of dances through exercises and feedback that will bring polish, poise and punch to your piece!

A 90 minute class! Part one focuses on the warm up, getting into the body and basic choreographed
movement exercises! Part two focus on further chores, personal feedback, Q&A and cool down!

Venue: Aaron Buron Youth Suite, Rose Hill Community Centre
The room is accessible via a lift
Google map static shot of Rose Hill Community Centre, Oxford, OX4 4HF
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