Woodstock Jazz Presents - Ben Holder's Gypsy Jazz Trio

Young Mr Holder ( receives rave reviews wherever he plays. Originally a classical scholar he turned to jazz in his mid teens and was earning his living playing music professionally by the time he reached 18. Now in demand throughout the UK and in Europe / USA as a gust soloist there are those who now compare him to the great Stephane Grappelli. Ben’s concerts are full of fun, passionate playing and humour. Ben’s music crosses the borders of traditional jazz and the huge swing movement that began in the 40s. For this concert Ben will concentrate on performing in a Gypsy Jazz style with his regular rhythm section of  top guitarist Jez Cook and bassist Paul Jefferies. So expect the music made popular by Stephane Grappelli and Django Reinhardt in smokey cafes and clubs during pre-war Paris.

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