Out of Focus

The Bethel Crowd, Park Road, BL5 3DE
Wed 18th September 2019 - Sat 21st September 2019
Helen has arrived at the Church Hall with her troupe of terrorising Brownies in tow. Kath and Bob arrive ready for their planned badminton game amidst their own marital quarrels about Bob’s secretary Linda, who also arrives ready to play, with ladies’ man Wayne not far behind. David and Sue show up for the big game even though Leonard insists he has booked the hall for an illustrated talk on steam locomotives and Evonne is certain she has arranged for the rehearsal of her very first pantomime. Confusion reigns until everyone finally unites for a common cause, the production of the pantomime. Over the coming weeks, alliances are formed and switched as they all battle against the odds and the opening night nears. Bob and Kath’s marital troubles continue, with Linda in the middle. Helen, in between staging walk-outs, is in pursuit of David, although he only has eyes for Sue. Wayne is out to impress anyone who will listen, while Leonard rapidly bores everybody into submission. Events finally culminate during Leonard’s talk at the final night party, when Evonne finds her confidence, Helen her come-uppance and everyone else receives their just desserts
Google map static shot of The Bethel Crowd, Park Road, BL5 3DE
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