PENARTH LITERATURE FESTIVAL: Wales: England's Colony? with Martin Johnes

All Saints Church, Penarth, CF64 3EH
Sat 22nd June 2019 2:30PM
As seen on the BBC! Welsh author and professor, Martin Johnes, will be discussing his book, Wales: England's Colony? with renowned Welsh writer and editor Dai Smith. Perfect for people interested in Welsh history and politics.

From the very beginnings of Wales, its people have defined themselves against their large neighbour. That relationship has defined both what it has meant to be Welsh and Wales as a nation. Yet the relationship has not always been a happy one and never one between equals.

Wales was England’s first colony and its conquest was by military force. It was later formally annexed, ending its separate legal status. Yet most of the Welsh reconciled themselves to their position and embraced the economic and individual opportunities being part of Britain and its Empire offered. Only in the later half of the twentieth century, in response to the decline of the Welsh language and traditional industry, did Welsh nationalism grow.

This book tells the fascinating story of an uneasy and unequal relationship between two nations living side-by-side. It examines Wales’ story from its creation to the present day, considering key moments such as medieval conquest, industrial exploitation, the Blue Books, and the flooding of Cwm Tryweryn.

Wales: England’s Colony? challenges us to reconsider Wales’ historical relationship with England and its place in the world.
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All Saints Church, Penarth, CF64 3EH

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