The Birds

Port Talbot Little Theatre is proud to present a story that has captured the imagination and terrified for decades.

Mysterious flocks of birds have begun to violently attack at high tide, driving strangers Nat and Diane to take refuge in an isolated, abandoned house by the sea, and to form a bond to survive their haunting new circumstances. With no electricity and scarce food, tension is palpabale and hope is waning. Yet if two is company, then three is a crowd, as the sudden arrival of a young woman with a mysterious nature of her own ruffles feathers in the house and quickly threatens to destroy their so-called sanctuary. All the while, the bird attacks continue...

Best known from the 1963 feautre film by Alfred Hitchcock, The Birds is a suspenseful, atmospheric adaptation of Daphne du Maurier's enthralling short story by acclaimed Irish playwright Conor McPherson.

The Birds will be performed 'in the round.'
The Birds is an amateur production by arrangement with Nick Hearne Books.
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