Zuppa Theatre - Pop Up Love Party

Derelict Springs 2016 - Zuppa Theatre - Pop Up Love Party

Can you taste a thought? Can old ideas become startlingly present over nibbles and drinks in 2016?

Pop-Up Love Party is a philosophical feast, a multisensory contemplation of love and desire supplemented with a 7-course snack menu by Michelin-starred New York chef Daniel Burns.

After making shows about dying family members, war, and the end of the world, Zuppa decided to make a show that rattled and buzzed with joy. Pursuing the thrill of late night conversation, flirtation and intellectual illumination, Pop-Up Love Party is a riff on Plato’s Symposium – a classical text about a drinking game and the surprising nature of erotic love.

The challenge is this: which of the Zuppa performers can best sway hearts and minds? Who can capture the essence of Plato’s ancient words and make arguments so vivid and current that they get you in the mind, in the guts, and in the pants. Using a variety of theatrical devices and the power of contemporary cuisine, the Zuppas will stop at nothing to seize the day in this celebration of mind, body and love in the 21st century.

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