CHAOS by Laura Lomas

A girl is locked in a room. A boy brings another boy flowers. A girl has tied herself to a railing, A boy doesn't know who he is. A girl worried about impending catastrophe. A woman jumps in front of a train. A boy's heart falls out his chest. A butterfly has broken wings. Chaos is a symphony of dislocated and interconnected scenes. A series of characters search for meaning in a complicated and unstable world. Bouncing through physics, the cosmos, love and violence, they find order in the disorder of each other.

We're interested in chaos. We think most of the time we try to impose order on our lives - we're scared of the mess of being alive; we want to contain it, to put our hands around it. Berzerk wanted to perform something that embraced chaos, that celebrated it in all its strange, unpredictable energy and in all its trouble and beauty. We don't want it to always make sense, but we do want it to feel very alive - all the ways we all remember feeling as a teenager. This play is strictly non-linear and non-naturalistic.
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