'Snake in the Grass' by Alan Ayckbourn

A psycho-thriller by Alan Ayckbourn, directed by Steve Atkins
"A creepily, scarily, eerily enjoyable evening." Sunday Times. “Deliciously creepy.” Variety. “… laughter and spine-tingling horror.” BBC . “more subtle and powerful than the genre would seem to allow.” Guardian.
Undoubtedly a master craftsman in the sphere of comedy, this is one of Sir Alan's few ventures into the scary world of the psychological thriller, and as you might expect, his characters are totally believable, well written and fully three dimensional, complete with dark humour. Set in a large dilapidated garden with a ruined summerhouse, the characters relationships revolve around ‘daddy’, the obnoxious and abusive late owner of the house and garden, who has died three weeks ago.
(Please note that this production contains language that some may find offensive)

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