Tulips by Michael Beakhouse

Tue 25th June 2019 - Sat 29th June 2019
The Oakwood Centre, Woodley, Reading, RG5 4JZ
This production is presented by Exit Pursued by Panda Theatre Company in association with Woodley Theatre

Domestic abuse and men: a problem we still haven't solved.
Christine's service aims to prove that men like Jason, "who can't admit there's a problem", can be different.
Alex doesn't want to lose Scarlet - but refuses to be the good person she needs.
Jason's lost his wife and child - can he help Alex avoid the same fate?
Exploring the influence of gender and identity on domestic abuse, our play asks - is it more important to "be a man" or to change?

The performances will be followed by a Q & A session with cast and crew.
Google map static shot of The Oakwood Centre, Woodley, Reading, RG5 4JZ
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