Murderous Medway Three 'C's Crime Writing Workshops

Sat 13th October 2018 10:00AM
Medway Adult Education, Rochester, ME1 1EW

Tickets are £8 for one workshop or a pass to all three for £20. 

Note: If you bought an All Day Panel Pass, you get a 25% discount on the workshops. Email for details.

Workshop 1: 10am-11.45am Concept - What's the big idea? 

Blank Page Storytelling

Do you have a story you want to tell? Still having trouble finding the story at all? Blank Page Storytelling begins with no assumptions and provides a set of examples and exercises that can begin with a blank page, just an idea, or a partial project and set the foundations firmly so the story can emerge. The exercises will help identify the core of the story, find the structure, the hero, the genre, setting and tone. The workshop is informal and friendly but filled with real-world examples and interesting exercises.

Your Tutors: Ben Slythe and Graham Guy

Workshop 2: 12noon-1.45pm Compelling Characters - Creating flawed heroes and charismatic villains

Humans are full of inconsistencies. Characters can be contradictory. They can be selfish and generous, lustful and prudish.

Using prompts and a variety of writing exercises in the supportive environment of the workshop, you will create flawed heroes and antagonists with redeeming qualities, and generate new writing that centres on these newly formed authentic characters.

Your tutor: Dorothy Lehane is a lecturer in Creative Writing (School of English) at the University of Kent. She is the author of three poetry publications: Umwelt (Leafe Press, 2016), Ephemeris (Nine Arches Press, 2014) and Places of Articulation (dancing girl press, 2014) and the founding editor of Litmus Publishing. Recent work has appeared in Blackbox Manifold, The Cordite Review, Tears in the Fence, and Journal of Poetics
Research to name a few.

Twitter: @DorothyLehane

Workshop 3: 2pm-3.45pm Conflict - Interrogate your narrative and drive your plot

In our lives, we face daily conflicts; conflicts with ourselves and conflicts with each other. Such tensions build the rich drama and chaos of human existence and are necessary components of our fictionalised character’s lives also.  Interrogating these conflicts through a series of writing exercises, you will enhance your understanding of the various ways conflict can be used to intensify your writing and drive plot development.

Your tutor: Annwen Adams is an emerging artist who has published her debut art and poetry collection in her publication, How Human? (Burb, 2018) as part of her Bachelor's Degree in English Literature and Creative Writing. Her work has also featured extensively in the University of Kent’s campus publications such as writing articles for the university newspaper, Inquire, and the Publishing Society’s prose and poetry publication, Figment. Passionate about creative writing in the community, she has worked with Canterbury’s Pilgrims Hospice as part of a student lead, memory writing class aimed at writing for wellbeing. Annwen has also worked alongside Leicester’s homeless charity Helping Hands, running poetry writing exercises as part of a fund-raising event. Passionate about social reform, her work deals with issues of environmental degradation and interactions between human and non-human actors on the global stage.

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Medway Adult Education, Rochester, ME1 1EW

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