The Silent Mind

By Theatre For Life
As a society consumed by social media & device addiction, controlling overthinking is imperative for good mental health. Creating the ultimate ‘Silent Mind’ is very hard to achieve, however promoting wellbeing & mindfulness can act as early intervention. ‘Silent Mind’ is an interactive piece of theatre which aims to promote awareness on Mental Health, whilst looking at how to support those who may be affected by the issues explored in the play.

The brain requires delicate intertwining, the waves dancing to find their own unique rhythm, finely tuned, coming together to create empathy, cohesion and synchronicity.

Gliding effortlessly into frequencies that release endorphin and dopamine surges ... no need for chemicals ... caffeine, drugs, endless hours of social media fixations and extreme highs ... each wave naturally performing in complete unity ... To create the perfect SILENT MIND.

An immersive and empowering piece of theatre, devised and performed by the Theatre for Life Youth Theatre.

Audiences are also invited to a post performance Q&A to provide feedback on the piece and to ask questions about the subject matters explored in Silent Mind. This will be held in the main theatre after the show.

Please note this piece is not suitable for under 14 years old.

Safety Warning - Flashing lights and haze will be used in this production.

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England.
Plaza Theatre, Romsey on Sunday 19 May 2019
Doors Open at 6:45PM
Starts at 7:30PM
Ticket Price: £12.00 - £15.00*
*booking fee applies
Box Office: 01794 512987
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