Tantalus and A Pair of Genes

Tantalus, Performed and choreographed by Neil Joseph Price (Winner, Best Dance Performance, Sunday Herald Culture Awards 2017).

Like Tantalus, the Greek mythological figure who was made to stand in a stream beneath a tree – the fruit always out of reach, the water receding when he bent to drink – the piece explores the emotional journey for a man pulled in conflicting directions, whilst seeking his own independence and fulfilment. 

With specially commissioned music by Shooglenifty’s Quee MacArthur, Tantalus is directed and designed by plan B’s award winning Artistic Director, Frank McConnell

A Pair of Genes, Performed by Neil Joseph Price and Artistic Director, Frank McConnell.

This new, witty dance theatre duet, choreographed by Frank with original music written by David Trouton, explores how our invisible genetic make-up contributes to a sense of identity. Frank and Neil are related by blood but one exhibits an additional chromosome in DNA analysis. With the speed of technology ever increasing, the show also explores the gradual, world –wide, de-population in recent years of people with Down Syndrome. The show is designed by Miranda Melville.

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