To nowhere and beyond, my humble encounters with ghosts, spirits and lunatics; & "SHE'S NOT FUNNY"

New Adelphi Studio, Salford, M5 4BR
Fri 22nd February 2019
'It's  really scary, its really funny! Miss Wielebska is in good form... She takes us on a journey from chutzpah to pure entertainment' - Sigmund Freud, London

A journey (nay, quest) through the epic history of a few of comedy's leading women, arriving at the present. Who is she? Who knows? Well...I know and so could you if you join me...So why not join some funny women on this voyage of discovery to make your own mind up whether or not "she is funny"!
Google map static shot of New Adelphi Studio, Salford, M5 4BR
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