PRP - Film Screening - Fri

New Adelphi Theatre, Salford, M5 4BR
Fri 22nd February 2019
(HM) Group 11 - Oliver Hill, Eleanor Thomas, Elinor Horton and James Thiara

'Understanding Modern Gender' (WT) - During a time when gender is being discussed more than ever before, this documentary looks into the most crucial areas and activists that are helping society to understadn what it really means today.
Some strong language and adult themes

(LD) Group 4 - Sophie-Leigh Aspinall, Jonathan Matthews
(JL) Louis Claxton
(JL) Rachael Stirrup

Not That Far - A short film about a woman trapped in an 'Alice in Wonderland' world where she experiences patriarchal stereotypes found within different eras. This piece hopes to challenge the stereotypes of women found on screen through the eyes of a female filmmaker.

(LD) Group 2 - Alice Green, Irium Rashid, Robyn Whipp and Iona Mayberry.

Intruder (WT) - Filmette productions present 'Intruder'. A young vulnerable woman is being stalked. What is really tearing her life apart?
12 age rating

(AW) Amie Fretter

Fashion Film (WT) - A fashion film exhibition showcasing the work of 4 young fashion designers. Celebrating young people, it will highlight their freedom, creativity, fun and growth.


(TC) Ryan Taylor
(CN) Group 7 - Joel Vout, Paul Whitehead, James Johnston, Matthew Woodcock

It's OK. - A comedic mocumentary documenting the first three months of student life...or is it?
Content that some may find distressing, depression and male suicide/

(JL) Group 17 - Megan Challinor, Natasha Brooke, Natasha Bloome

Guilty Pleasures - Everyone's having sex, everyone's thinking about sex, but no one wants to talk about it...let's start that conversation
Strictly 18+ due to nudity, sexual references and possible swearing

(HM) Group 6 - Laura Petrie and Stacey Jackson

Everyone deals with situations differently, Amelia is no exception, she just wants everything in her life to be how it use to be, but not everything is how it seems, all she needs is closure, but will she gets the closure she needs?

(ES) Group 23 - Jay Ali, Will Lection, Lewis Moore, Theo Nembhard
(CN) Group 20 - Natalie Whittaker, Weronika Okroj
Google map static shot of New Adelphi Theatre, Salford, M5 4BR
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