Ghost Light and Blindsided

Saoirse Wadding-Hayes presents 'Ghost Light', an exploration of how we play the Dane. "They don't come to see Hamlet, they come to see a Woman as Hamlet. 350 years later and it's still a gimmick."
Late comers permitted up to 5 minutes into the performance. Mild horror elements, some innapropriate language. Use of projection and a fog machine.

George Moore presents 'Blindsided'. Step into the mad world of my mind for a stand up show that you #WontSeeComing
Late comers not permitted. A portion of the audience will be blindfolded. They will be placed under the seats and the audience members will be instructed to put them on at the start of the piece. Blindfolded audience members may be fed during the peice. There can be no guarentee of food being vegan, vegetarian or gluten free.
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