Versatility Serenaders

Shropshire Music 2018-19 - Prestfelde, Shrewsbury, SY2 6NZ
Sun 24th March 2019

Bringing to life some of the most entertaining and neglected areas of music from the early 20th century – from the Edwardian recording studio and parlour to concert hall and dance hall. 

The late Victorian Era to the early 1920’s is one of the most significant periods in the development of music, when the different styles exploded through the medium of sound recording. Pioneering the authentic performance movement of this musical epoch, the Versatility Serenaders convivially engage and regale their audience on a journey through a variety of genres, paying entertaining tribute to Edwardian popular and Art music: from Tin Pan Alley, Music Hall, The Great War, Cakewalk, Hawaiian, Waltzes, Ballads, Ragtime, Chorinho and other South American styles, Ethnic/Folk, Blues and through to the first serious strains of Jazz and Dance Band Era popular music. 

This unique ensemble showcases its virtuoso members’ ability to play an enormous variety of instruments and genres, witness Matt Redman playing over 20 including guitars, banjos, mandolin, double bass, oud, xylophone and piano four-hands duet with Jon Butterfield; the melodic zest of Simon Marsh on clarinet, saxophones and flutes; and the mellifluous, pure voice, and idiomatic prejazz and nostalgia stylings of Patricia Hammond (as at home here as in early music or opera). They bring to life many of these records and musical genres in the style of the originals – both popular ‘hits’ and some not heard since they were recorded 100 years ago.

Google map static shot of Shropshire Music 2018-19 - Prestfelde, Shrewsbury, SY2 6NZ
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