High Life (18)

Wed 3rd July 2019 - Thu 4th July 2019
Kinokulture Oswestry's Community Cinema, Shropshire, SY11 1JN
High Life is screening as part of our BEACON Season.

A man (a career-best Pattinson) and a charming baby are the last two survivors on a once-chaotic spaceship full of convicts. Their government-issued mission – to harvest energy from black holes, overseen by the foxy Dr Dibs (Binoche) – is overwhelmed by feral dynamics that shift between violent and erotic. Juliette Binoche channels unabashed sensuality in one unforgettable sequence. Featuring a haunting score by Denis’ long-term musician collaborator, Stuart Staples, this is poetic, image-driven cinema that defies convention to embrace something wilder.
Sophie Monks Kaufman, BFI season programmer

Bringing her genuine vision to science fiction, director Claire Denis loses none of the visceral intensity of her past work and gains many charismatic performers (including Mia Goth and André 3000). Maintaining the existential questions that have fired her oeuvre and transposing them onto a galactic canvas, this is truly ambitious, eye-opening cinema.

"Veteran French director Claire Denis’ first English-language film is a fascinating mixture of highbrow and B-movie elements; there are strains of influence from directors Andrei Tarkovsky and Ed Wood, of JG Ballard’s post-apocalyptic novels and Star Trek. This is a sci-fi story made on a relatively modest budget but which continually startles us with its originality and offbeat lyricism." **** The Independent

Director: Claire Denis
UK-USA-France-Germany-Poland 2018
Cast: Robert Pattinson, Juliette Binoche, André Benjamin, Mia Goth
Run time: 113 mins
Google map static shot of Kinokulture Oswestry's Community Cinema, Shropshire, SY11 1JN
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