Dead Pigs - WOW: Wales One World Film Festival (PG)

Once again we are very pleased to be the only venue in England for the WOW: Wales One World Film Festival, bringing a fantastic and rare opportunity to see the very best in World Cinema a few select venues.

Dead Pigs
A smart, vibrant take on the huge changes taking place in China as dodgy, get-rich-quick developments flatten neighbourhoods and break down the traditional bonds of families and communities. Linked by a mysterious epidemic of dead pigs dumped into the river, this mosaic-like comedy charts the misadventures of diverse Shanghai citizens; a bumbling pig farmer, a sensitive waiter, an expat architect, a disenchanted rich girl. A sassy ‘thoroughly modern’ heroine who runs her own beauty parlour, Candy Wang is also determined to save her family home from being knocked down. This cleverly weaves together a number of stories that reflect on the old and the new China to produce a fascinating picture of money and class in a city in flux. It builds to a big musical number when Candy faces down the bulldozer in her slippers and curlers that somehow works!

“Delightfully quirky.” Hollywood Reporter

"Demonstrating a light touch - underscored by a whimsy-leaning score and overtly comic moments, but never delving into flimsiness or farce - Yan handles her chosen topic, and the tapestry of tales it's woven through, with care." Screen International

Winner World Cinema Special Jury Prize Sundance Film Festival 2018

Director: Milko Lazarov
Starring: Mikhail Aprosimov, Feodosia Ivanova 
Bulgaria/Germany/France, 2018
Run time: 1 hour 36 minutes

F rated
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Dead Pigs - WOW: Wales One World Film Festival (PG) Oswestry's Community Cinema