Tides (15)

Following an unexplained tragic event, four friends embark on a boat trip to navigate birth, love, death and the canals of southern England. Fuelled by booze, drugs and the beauty of nature, their journey becomes an uplifting meditation on what it means to be middle aged in a world that refuses to grow up. An accomplished debut feature, Tides is a charmingly authentic portrayal of friendship.

"Felber’s future in filmmaking looks bright. Tides has an authenticity to it that is hard to come by. Rather than recalling other mumblecore movies, Levinson’s Diner and Kasdan’s The Big Chill come to mind, portraying friendships with all their ups and downs. This canal trip makes one long for the complications that only come with one’s closest friends." **** The Upcoming

Director: Tupaq Felber
Cast: Jon Foster, Robyn Isaac, Simon Meacock, Jamie Zubairi
Run time: 1 hour 38 mins
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