SpArC Fundraiser Film: Swimming with Men

SpArC Theatre, Shropshire, SY9 5AY
Thu 6th June 2019 7:00PM


Don’t let the SpArC go out Fund raiser

"Beautiful, funny, uplifting film " "Pure Fun"
 Accountant Eric is simply treading water when he discovers a newfound sense of purpose thanks to an unexpected source: a group of similarly stuck-in-a-rut guys of different ages who have found camaraderie through synchronized swimming. Sure, they may be a bit paunchy, but they're determined to prove they have what it takes to be a whirling, twirling, scissor-kicking aquatic dream team

A Solid Cast
Rob Brydon. . Rupert Graves. . Adeel Akhtar. . Jim Carter.. Jane Horrocks.. Thomas Turgoose.. Daniel Mays. . Charlotte Riley

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Starts at 7:00PM


SpArC Theatre, Shropshire, SY9 5AY

Google map static shot of SpArC Theatre, Shropshire, SY9 5AY

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