JENNY DREAMS (by Wild Theatre, Austria)

Sat 30th September 2017
Skipton Town Hall, Skipton, BD23 1AH

A long, long time ago, in far away New Zealand, lived a girl called Jenny. When Jenny was only four years old, she visited a circus with her father, and from that day on she dreamt of becoming a circus star! She never gave up and many years later, as a young woman joined a travelling circus as a tightrope walker and magician, and her name appeared on posters throughout the land. One day, as the circus wagons crossed the Waitaki River, Jenny's story vanished from history. Until today.... 

Rebekah Wilde, a puppeteer originally from New Zealand re-tells Jenny's story encouraging children, especially girls, to be courageous and to dream impossible dreams. Rebekah entwines elements of her own life of travelling around the world and back again. In the spirit of theatrical retelling, she mixes elements of the real Jenny's life with twists of pure fantasy. Jenny Dreams is performed with beautifully carved puppets, few words, to music especially composed by Hannah Marshall - producing a magnetic poetry which carries Jenny's story into your heart.

Google map static shot of Skipton Town Hall, Skipton, BD23 1AH
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