LA DERNIERE DANSE DE BRIGITTE (by Zero en Conducta, Spain)

Sat 30th September 2017
Skipton Town Hall, Skipton, BD23 1AH

Brigitte is so old that her memories are in black and white. Brigitte lives in her chair, a chair that she built by herself, based on her memories.

But today it’s different. Today is an important day, perhaps the most important. Today Brigitte is leaving forever. But not in any old manner:

Brigitte wants to leave flying, and of course somebody who can no longer walk has only one way to fly - with the help of her memories.

This beautiful award-winning piece by Zero en Conducta uses corporal mime, dance, object manipulation and puppetry, fused together with sensitivity and humour to create an elegant and inspiring performance.

Google map static shot of Skipton Town Hall, Skipton, BD23 1AH
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