Auditions - Death And The Maiden - A Little Theatre Production

Auditions for Death and The Maiden
Sunday 17th March 4pm - 8pm at the Doncaster Little Theatre

AUDITIONS Death And The Maiden - A Little Theatre Production 23 May 2019 to 24 May 2019.
Death and the Maiden By Ariel Dorfman Directed by Graham Carpenter.
A tense political thriller. Set in an unnamed country emerging from a totalitarian dictatorship, the play explores the after effects of repression on hearts and souls.
Paulina Escobar's husband Gerardo is to head an investigation into past human rights abuses. A Dr. Miranda stops at Escobars' to congratulate Gerardo. Paulina overhears them speaking and is convinced the doctor supervised her prison torture sessions. She decides to conduct her own interrogation.

Paulina Salas, 25-35 years old
Gerardo Escobar, 25-35 years old
Roberto Miranda, a doctor 40-50 years old
Auditions Sunday 17th March 4-8pm
Audition pieces available from Box Office.
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