Auditions - The Miser - 6.00 - 9.00 PM 18th March

Mon 18th March 2019
Doncaster Little Theatre, South Yorkshire, DN1 1JD
Written by Moliere and translated by Ranjit Bolt – directed by Barbara Upton
Performance dates – July 11th – 13th Please note that the Saturday performance will be a gala night with wine before and buffet after the performance. The get-out will therefore be Sunday 14th July.
This is a great comedy satirising materialism which is still relevant today. It will be great fun to do but needs to be fairly fast-paced with all moves (and lines) secure before get-in.
There are thirteen characters but two sets of three can be doubled so if two of our male actors would like the challenge of presenting three different characters this would be a really good opportunity.
The characters are:
Harper: (Miser) -  middle aged, crusty, miserable character who cannot see beyond the next penny. Relationships pale in to insignificance compared with filthy lucre. A sound, challenging part. A delight to act.
Charlie: Harper’s son – so early to late twenties. He is hard done by and broke and a constant disappointment to his father. He needs money because he is in love with Marianne who is poor. This coupling is not going to get Harper’s approval.
Eleanor: Harper’s daughter – early to late twenties. She is love with the butler which isn’t going to go down well with dad! Also kept short of money.
Victor: The Butler – middle to late twenties. Long suffering at the hands of his nasty employer. He loves Eleanor which won’t endear him to his employer.
Marianne: A poor girl in her twenties who is in love with Charlie but wanted by Harper whom she detests.
Fay: Thirties upward – she is a matchmaker trying to marry off Marianne to Harper.
Jack: Chauffeur/cook/general factotum. Early twenties to fortyish.
Fletcher/Claude/Detective – Fletcher is a bit of an ‘operator’ – Dell-boy character. Claude is a servant and the Detective speaks for itself. Age is thirty plus.  
Sir Arthur/Mervin/Mr Simon – Sir Arthur is a middle-aged tycoon; Mervin is a servant and Mr Simon is a financial intermediary. Age is thirty five plus able to play older.
Audition pieces will be placed in the theatre by the end of February. If you have any questions please don
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