Tchaikovsky Plus: Strings in the Quire 2

Fri 23rd August 2019
Southwell Minster (Quire), Southwell, NG25 0HD
The spiritual heart of the Minster is its Quire; at the heart of the Festival Sinfonia is a string section of sumptuous quality. The glowing acoustic of the former is the perfect setting for performances by the latter. Tchaikovsky’s Mozart-inspired Serenade is one of the greatest works of the string chamber orchestra repertoire – elegant, passionate and full of memorable tunes.
In this performance, the movements will be interspersed with short works by composers including Rameau, Shostakovich and the African-American George Walker.

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Serenade for Strings in C, Op. 48
Festival Sinfonia Strings
Ruth Provost soprano
Amy Harman bassoon
Jamie Campbell director

Please note that in the pew seats, you should purchase tickets in the same row in order to be seated together. e.g. G1 and G2 are next to each other, G1 and F1 are behind each other.
Google map static shot of Southwell Minster (Quire), Southwell, NG25 0HD
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