Finding Will

Fri 7th June 2019
Timebridge Community Centre, Stevenage, SG2 0HT
Signature Theatre is proud to present, 'Finding Will' as part of the Stevenage Arts Festival 2019.  

Finding Will deals with the complex subject of Mental Health after a soldier has been to war.

Will Salisbury is a young Army Officer who's life is changed forever after he experiences the trauma of the loss of several of his platoon when they are ambushed in Iraq. He is evacuated to Germany to physically recover and then back to England for the long journey back to normality. Along with a wonderful ensemble of people who all have their story to tell the journey takes us back to Iraq in Will's nightmares and into his greatest struggles in the present. When he is confronted by a young Nursing Assistant 'Kate' he either has to face his fears or live with the pain.
Google map static shot of Timebridge Community Centre, Stevenage, SG2 0HT
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