Rock and a Hard Place


When it comes to domestic abuse, it’s more than the blows that do the damage

Written by Lynn Morris and performed by Journeymen Theatre
Kayleigh is a talented teenager whose life should be full of promise. Instead, she finds herself in a cycle of domestic abuse from which there seems no escape until Aunty Jan helps her find a way out, after twenty long years of ‘put up and shut up’. Based on a true story, together with the combined true life experiences shared by other women, the play explores the complex nature of domestic abuse, ranging from coercion in its many forms to women’s deaths at the hands of abusive partners.
Rock and A Hard Place also reveals the impact of funding cuts on the refuge system and on support available for women like Kayleigh and is an appeal to all of us to both recognise and highlight this major human rights issue in our own communities. Commissioned by Gloucestershire Quakers, all profits from this event will be used to support the work of women’s refuges in Dudley.

A glass of wine (or soft drink) is included with the ticket price.

This event is suitable for those over 17 years of age.

Forthcoming Dates
Rock and a Hard Place Stourbridge Town Hall Theatre, Wollaston Room Studio Theatre.