Hamlet as it NeverWas/"The Education of Skinny Spew"

Hamlet as it Never Was

"Don't Blame it on the Boots"

Cobham Players is celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2018 and for its final show of the year is presenting this special stage version of ’Allo ’Allo!, the much-loved BBC TV series, adorned with farcical set-ups, visual gags, comic one-liners and famous catch phrases.

The story

René Artois is the beleaguered café proprietor in the town of Nouvien, France, during WW2. He is coerced by Colonel von Strohm and the Italian, Captain Bertorelli, into hiding on his premises a stolen painting: “The Fallen Madonna”. The trouble is that the humourless Herr Flick of the Gestapo and even Adolf Hitler want the painting as well!  

At the same time, the café is being used as a safe house for two brave, but clueless British airmen. René is forced to work with the French Resistance, led by the fearsome Michelle Dubois, who, “assisted” by the British spy Crabtree (posing as a French gendarme), is trying to get the airmen back to England.

Throughout the play, René flirts with Yvette and Mimi, waitresses at the café, avoiding the advances of his frustrated wife, Edith, but being subjected to the delights of her famous cabaret act.  

What can possibly go wrong? Well, a lot does, with a host of Hitlers and Goerings running amok, before Edith finally reveals the secret of the precious “Fallen Madonna”!

So come and support your local drama group and laugh along at all these larger-than-life characters!

So come along and have a great, fun night out, while supporting your local amateur dramatic group.

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