Thu 27th June 2019 - Sat 29th June 2019
St Mary’s Church, Beddington, Surrey, SM6 7NJ

“No place indeed should murder sanctuarize;

Revenge should have no bounds”

Thus the unscrupulous King Claudius approves of a young man’s reckless disregard ofthe time-honoured protection of a church against violence. Hamlet, the most famous in all theatre. Hamlet in a church? Ideal! 

This opportunity of staging the tragedy in St Mary’s has been grasped with excited enthusiasm by its director, secure in the knowledge that theatrical killings in this sanctified and beautiful setting have met with fine and popular success over the past two years, as those who saw Murder in the Cathedral or Macbeth will verify. Hamlet is not a religious play but it asks ethical questions of the audience as much as the actors and the director. What would we feel about being asked to kill someone? Someone who deserves, it appears, to be killed? Where do our sympathies lie? And, in both this question of vengeance and in the matter of love, all have serious choices to make, in which their very lives are at stake. 

Dave Thompson directs this abridged, modern-dress version of William Shakespeare's much admired play.

Google map static shot of St Mary’s Church, Beddington, Surrey, SM6 7NJ
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