A Comedy of Errors

The Archway Theatre, Surrey, RH6 7NQ
Tue 20th August 2019 - Sat 31st August 2019

“About as funny as a Shakespeare comedy” is a phrase often used sarcastically to describe something that is painfully NOT funny. I would suggest that anyone who uses that phrase has not seen ‘Comedy of Errors”. Shakespeare wrote the play early in his career and it is a riot of mistaken identity, outrageous characters and saucy double meanings.

Two pairs of identical twins (the Antipholus twins and their servants, the Dromios), are separated at birth but twenty-something years later all end up in the same town at the same time. Also in the town is the father of the Antipholus’s, searching for his son. Problem is, Ephasus (where they are) is at war with Syracuse (where they are from), so the old man is arrested. Will the twins meet? Will their father be executed? What happened to their mother? These questions and many more will be answered… eventually!

Fast paced and colourful and given a 1930s, screwball comedy setting (think Marx brothers), this show should be a riot and not to be missed.

Google map static shot of The Archway Theatre, Surrey, RH6 7NQ
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