Johnny Tait - The Cockney Comedian

Johnny Tait is from the Elephant & Castle.  Brought up amongst the Barrow Boys, he learnt to make people laugh at a very early age.   He wasn't that quick with his fists - or his legs – but he was quick at comedy, and making people laugh got him out of a lot of scrapes!  He loved entertaining his family and friends, and so chose a career as a Redcoat at Butlins. They were some of the best years of his life, and when he felt he was 'ready' he took to the road as a travelling cabaret act. Johnny is an ‘old school’ comedian. None of this 'alternative comedy' for him.

His Mum & Dad were
entertained during WW2 by the great Max Miller - always risqué, very funny -
and no swearing!  And that is what he
prides himself on.  He can - and will -
adapt his comedy set for any audience, young or old, holiday park or theatre,
corporate event or military base, working man's club or Old Peoples Homes!!!

And he doesn’t swear.  He loves to do the daft stuff, interspersed
with stories and poems, yarns about growing up - and growing old, clever stuff
with a great double meaning - because if he can make you think something - and he
doesn't say it – that’s 'job done'.

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