Hook and Peter Pan - Fixation Children;s and Little Visions' Theatre Company

The Bull Theatre, The Bull Theatre, EN5 5SJ
Sat 25th May 2019
Fixation Theatre Company’s Children’s Theatre and Little Visions’ Presents…

The story of Neverland and Peter Pan is well-known to us all. Peter Pan is the only boy who never grows up. But why? Why will Peter Pan never grow up? Why is he able to fly? Why is Neverland called Neverland? The answers are all in our imaginations… 
Let your imagination fly with us to Neverland, where the story starts many years before Wendy, Michael and John met Peter Pan and arrive at Neverland. 
Follow us on a magical journey as we uncover the history of Neverland, what really happened before the story that we all know, and the characters that bring Neverland to life.
Google map static shot of The Bull Theatre, The Bull Theatre, EN5 5SJ
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