Light &Dark Chorale- A Bureau fundraiser

A themed fundraiser for The Bureau , led by Beth Allen's choral ensemble with support from poet Ian Longstaff and singer-songwriter Steve Brown.

Come and enjoy a great evening with a variety of music and help raise funds forThe Bureau to continue to do all the wonderful things we do! The bar will be open and hot drinks and cake will be available too.

We have priced the tickets at £5 to make them accessible to as many people as possible, but if you would like to make a donation too, that would be fantastic.

The Bureau is a vibrant Arts Centre in the heart of Blackburn. We are based in an old church which provides a versatile space for arts activities, theatre, music, cultural events and community participation. It is a not for profit organisation run by a board of volunteer directors, working hard to secure pockets of grant funding to enable us to put on events for the community. We are determined to become a more sustainable organisation, less reliant on grants and able to build a regular, diverse programme which will create more opportunities for our community to access arts and social activities.

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