Ricky Moore - Comedy Hypnotist

The Sports and Social Bar, Thetford, IP24 3DE
Sat 24th August 2019

Thetford Sports and Social Bar present an Audience with famous hypnotist Ricky Moore.

Ricky was originally Europe’s Youngest Hypnotist when he started his career in 1993. Ricky believes everyone has one good impression in them and under hypnosis they will literally become that person, one thing is guaranteed. Ricky will give you a wonderful night of entertainment you will never forget. 

Audience participation event.

Please bear in mind this is a bar with limited seating available. There is some roadside parking available at the venue plus many free car parks within walking distance - closest one being behind The Light Cinema off Bridge Street IP24 3AE.

Google map static shot of The Sports and Social Bar, Thetford, IP24 3DE
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