Lyrical: Open Mic & More

Thu 7th February 2019 - Thu 4th July 2019
Town Hall Arts, Trowbridge, BA14 8EQ
If you’re a poet or a lover of poetry and all things lyrical, this is for you. Our aim is to blend the Open Mic + guest poet format with conversation and also expand the slot to include talks, book launches and workshops. Each evening will have a theme, announced beforehand, which poets are free to explore or ignore.

Poems can still be shared when there is a scheduled speaker/event, but please be aware that the time allotted will be shorter, and themed poems may have to be included next time round.
Poet and writer Diana Durham is author of three poetry collections, a novel ‘The Curve of the Land’ from Skylight Press and the nonfiction ‘The Return of King Arthur: completing the quest for wholeness’ from Tarcher/Penguin.
Diana has recently moved to Trowbridge, and is excited to host a place for writers of poetry, fiction and nonfiction with visionary thinking and a lyric sensibility—meaning what is deep, in rhythm, intuitive and wise.
 “…the visionary dimension is not something internal or even obscure—a private language or mythology—but actually happening around us in ways we don’t recognise unless we learn to see with a kind of bi-focal vision which is at
once literal and symbolic.”    From my friend Jay Ramsay’s Preface to his poetry collection ‘Monuments'
Please join us to read, listen and converse...

7 February: Kick-off session, Diana Durham will introduce her work and give
an overview of the vision for Lyrical. Optional theme for Open Mic: Lyrical
7 March: Featured Poet & Theme TBA
4 April: Visionary novelist Lindsay Clarke, winner of the Whitbread Award, will speak about his new collection of essays ‘Green Man Dreaming’ from Awen Press. Optional theme for Open Mic: Inside/Outside
2 May: Featured Poet & Theme TBA
6 June: a double-billing, with Helen Moore, ecopoet & activist, who will read from a new collection: ‘The Mother Country’: and author/translator and publisher, Anthony Nanson, the vision behind Awen Press, who will read from his translation of New Caledonian writer Nicolas Kurtovitch’s ‘By the Edge of the Sea’. Two voices, two perspectives on colonial heritage. Optional theme for Open Mic: Belonging
4 July: ’Making Sense’ a short documentary film on the work of Dr Iain McGilchrist, author of ‘The Master & His Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World’, introduced by director Jonathan Guilbert with
writer Diana Durham. Optional theme for Open Mic: Escape from the grid.

Google map static shot of Town Hall Arts, Trowbridge, BA14 8EQ
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