Applying Health and Fitness Science into Practice

St Mary's University, Twickenham, TW1 4SX
Wed 29th March 2017

An infinite source of health and fitness information is available on the internet and social media, enabling fitness professionals to broaden their knowledge in many subjects. However, the majority of mass media sources of information (web-sites, social media, and magazines) are not subjected to a peer review process, whereby the accuracy of the information is verified. This can lead to ineffective and potentially unsafe exercise and nutrition recommendations being applied. Furthermore, inaccurate information can quickly become widespread amongst clients and trainers leading to many exercise and nutrition misconceptions.

Effective fitness instruction and training programme design requires the exercise professional to combine his/her experience with approaches underpinned by scientific evidence.   This symposium will explore how scientific research can be applied to identify optimum health/fitness recommendations based on the needs of the individual client.  

Excerpts from the recent publication ‘Advanced Personal Training: Science to practice’ will be discussed by the authors.  Topics will include: exercise for weight loss, behaviour change, ‘functional’ training and recovery from exercise. 

This, free to attend, symposium aims to demonstrate how developing an evidence-informed approach can dramatically increase the quality and long-term success of health and fitness programmes.

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