Cinema Paradiso + Pizza

64 Winns Terrace, London, E17 5EJ
Sun 21st April 2019

Every Sunday we screen a hand-picked film with hand-made food that matches it. The food could match the country of the film, a meal that's in the film, or even the title.

The first one will be Cinema Paradiso and Pizza - Italian film, Italian food - capeesh?

It is ticketed! Partly so I can pretend I run a cinema, but mainly because the cinema (aka our new house) can only take 13 bums, and we (me Molly and Nick) want to invite so many bums.

It's £2 a ticket - all of which goes towards the food. However, CHEFS GO FREE. If you have a dish you'd like to make then you can book a seat on the CHEF SOFA. Please let me know what you'd like to cook and the ingredients so I can buy them before. This week Olly has told me what to buy for pizza, but if anyone is up for making a tasty salad or garlic bread let me know what to buy and book a spot on the CHEF SOFA.

Cooking from 4pm. Film starts at 8pm.

I hope someone comes after all this effort lols.
Google map static shot of 64 Winns Terrace, London, E17 5EJ
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