'Bothered and Bewildered' by Gail Young

Thu 2nd May 2019 - Sat 4th May 2019
Cecil Hepworth Playhouse, Walton-on-Thames, KT12 1AT
The Play
The Ember Players Spring production is ‘Bothered and Bewildered’ by Gail Young, directed by Elaine Sesemann. It is a comic drama that follows Irene and her two daughters as they begin a long journey in which the girls lose their mum in spirit but not in body. As the family struggle to come to terms with her Alzheimer’s, Irene’s past passion for romantic fiction blurs with reality. She discusses with her 'invisible' friend and witty companion Barbara Cartland (Irene’s favourite and now-deceased world famous romantic novelist) how best to write her ‘memory book’, disclosing to Barbara long kept family secrets that she would never reveal to anyone else. It is a funny, moving and touching reflection on one of the challenges of our time.


All of theprofits from this production will be supporting the ‘HomeLink Respite Day CareCentre’ based in Twickenham, which is a local charity dedicated to caring forpeople with dementia and their carers. They do wonderful work and we aredelighted to be linking with them for this production. You will have anopportunity to make a donation to the charity when you buy tickets online. Wehope that you will consider donating to support their work. Please do have alook at the charity’s website at www.homelinkdaycare.co.uk. Peter Owen, is a trustee of the charity andis a member of the cast of ‘Bothered and Bewildered’.

The Cast 
Gillian Beaney, Sophie Cutcliffe, Anne Segall, Lisa Mills, Rebecca Douglas, Craig Robertson, Peter Owen, Steve Clunn and Charlie Cook.

The Crew
This is Elaine Sesemann's third production as a director. Her previous shows were 'Ladies Day' and 'Ladies in Lavender'.
The crew includes Nick Graham, Colin Edwards, Colin Hansford, Stephen Farr, Kathryn GrahamAllison Plaut, Jessica Bowles,  Nick Handel, Julia Cutcliffe,  Steve Clunn and Colin Jones. 

Google map static shot of Cecil Hepworth Playhouse, Walton-on-Thames, KT12 1AT
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