Survivors Spirit

"When Megan Biddle, 15, stood in her school uniform crying on a maternity ward, people wrongly assumed it was because she was pregnant.
Sheíd actually just been told she needed to have her second ovary removed and that meant she was unlikely to ever be able to have a baby."

Gynaecological problems are affecting more and more children in places like the USA and children have died because the doctors havenít recognised what they had got and the facilities are not there.

There will be more children who go through what I went through in the UK so Iím starting my own charity called Survivors Spirit to help children with rare conditions like mine.

I want to raise money for a childrenís gynaecology unit at Heartlands Hospital.

It will be a place to go where kids will feel safe and looked after, and someone will say youíll be OK, rather than being left to think Iím going to die. It will be a place where kids can feel like kids, not kids surrounded by older people, or feeling like they have to grow up just because somethingís happened to them.

I know Iíve got to raise a lot of money but Iím prepared to do it. If I can raise money and make a difference then it will feel like all the crying and heartbreak will have been worth something.

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*Entrance to the event is via the edge white doors
Alderbrook School (Malley Hall), West Midlands on Wednesday 6 March 2019
Doors Open at 5:00PM
Starts at 5:00PM
Individual Ticket Price: £2.00 - £4.00*
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