Whitstable Wellness Week: Morning Pages with Peggy Riley

Throughout Whitstable Wellness Week, Peggy will be on hand for morning pages, with a variety of approaches to free writing and plenty of prompts and tips for getting started and keeping going. Whether you're already a writer, or if you like to have a go, Peggy has seen the real difference that writing can make to heads and hearts. Bring your pen and a journal- and a cup of tea!

You can book just one session or more but you will need to book separate tickets for each day you wish to join Peggy.

The idea of morning pages comes from Dorothea Brandes's "Becoming a Writer", published in 1934 but made popular in Julie Cameron's "The Artist's Way". Through stimulating and harnessing the subconscious creative mind, writers can find new ways to access fresh ideas and insights. Peggy says, "Sometimes, we are so busy trying to say something that the words get stuck between our brains and hands. The practice of morning pages helps you get the words down so that you can see what you think".
Forthcoming Dates
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