test event Andy Hamilton - The Perfect Pint

Sat 28th September 2019
Marlborough Town Hall, Wiltshire., SN8 1AA
A brave title for a book, but if anyone can identify the brew par excellence, this man can. Andy Hamilton (his website is called theotherandyhamilton.com to distinguish him from the comedian, the saxophonist and the darts player, among others) has spent years researching and writing about gin, wild cocktails, foraging – and beer.

For his 2015 book, Brewing Britain: The Quest for the Perfect Pint and How to Make it, Hamilton spent two arduous years (our hearts bleed for him) scouring pubs, breweries and festivals, not to mention brewing his own, in search of the beer drinker’s nirvana.

Now, in The Perfect Pint: A Beer Lover’s Handbook, Hamilton has refreshed his findings to bring you an even maltier result. Malt, though, is not the half of it. With his background in foraging – he is co-author of The Selfsufficientish Bible with his brother and spends much of his life tending allotments – Hamilton has used pretty much every ingredient you can imagine when brewing his own, from pine needles to pumpkins. Hop, hop hurray!

With thanks to Three Castles Brewery for supplying the beer for tasting.
Google map static shot of Marlborough Town Hall, Wiltshire., SN8 1AA
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