Sun 9th June 2019
The Sensory Garden, Wiltshire, BA14 8AH
This Gypsy Folk musical is inspired by a true story about a runaway adolescent who experienced an urgent wanderlust, a call of the wild so overwhelming that the teenager felt irresistibly drawn to the landscape. In this drama, Simone, a young woman in her late teens, is haunted by a call of the wild. For several weeks she has been subjected to elemental, powerfully disturbing impulses – a pull like a strong electric current, an intuitive incitement to leave home and to journey.

You will be treated to the incredible music of Hui Hue and harpist Caolan Walcot in the magical setting of the Sensory Garden.

The garden will be open from 1pm, so please feel free to bring and picnic. There will be a bar selling soft and alcoholic drinks.
Google map static shot of The Sensory Garden, Wiltshire, BA14 8AH
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