Big Nige', Big Idiot. with Nigel Groves

Nigel will read passages from his books, ask for volunteers to play some of the games from the books. And if you're really unlucky he may even sing you a song.

30 minute workshop followed by a book signing until 2.15pm.

Age Range: 2 - 7 years old

Big Nige' started writing just before he was born, "Back then it was really just ripples in some amniotic fluid but hey you have to start somewhere." and he hasn't stopped since. But it was only recently that he decided to see how hard it would be to share his stuff with the big wide world "'s really easy!" says Nigel, "..I mean really easy, honest, easy peasy, like, really easy, peasy, lemon squee....". Nigel writes thoughtful words for kids and parents to share. "...contemplation...", see told ya.

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