The Dragon in the Library with Louie Stowell

Wokingham Library, Wokingham, RG40 2BB
Sun 20th October 2019
Do you have a reluctant reader in your life? It’s time for them to meet Kit, a young girl who can’t stand reading—until her friends drag her to the library one day and discover a massive, scaly, fire-breathing secret! The Dragon in the Library is chock-full of surprises, magic, storytelling, and wizards disguised as librarians, and at this interactive event kids have to invent the perfect spell to keep the magic going.  
Join author Louie Stowell as readers encounter crazy creatures, create magical artwork, wind their way through foreign dictionaries, and unleash their inner wizards just in time to save the librarian.

A 45 minute talk/workshop followed by book signing.

Age range 5 to 8 years old

Louie Stowell started her career writing carefully-researched books about space, Ancient Egypt, politics and science but eventually lapsed into just making stuff up. She likes writing about dragons, wizards, vampires, fairies, monsters and parallel worlds. She lives in London with her wife Karen, her dog Buffy, and a creepy puppet that is probably cursed.
Google map static shot of Wokingham Library, Wokingham, RG40 2BB
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